University Exam Solution

Accurately measuring relevant competencies, keepings exams fresh and relevant, and reducing the risk of candidate impersonation are top priorities for test administrators across the world. In an increasingly digital world, a robust combination of test-design and appropriate testing formats is critical for scientifically measuring competencies, and enabling valid, fair and reliable results.

Pareekshn online assessment combines technology with its extensive expertise in conducting critical examinations to help organizations reinvent examination models through computer-based testing, just-in-time question papers and on-screen marking capability.

How It Works ?

Create Question Bank

Upload questions directly from a Word document. Or, simply type in!

Customize Test

Design a test to suit your requirements. Assign time, score, etc. from the settings.

Assign Test

Assign test to candidates at the time of your choice.

Generate Reports

Get instant reports and analysis.


• Instant online assessments
• Send tests to candidates
• PDF report downloads
• Advanced cheat proof tests
• Large item banks
• Adaptive IRT technology
• Standardised norm groups
• Reliable and valid
• Get setup within minutes